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365 backup solution

  • Protection against accidental data loss: With a backup copy of data, organizations can easily restore lost or deleted files, emails, and other data.

  • Compliance with data retention policies: Many organizations are required to retain data for a specific period of time, and a backup solution can help ensure compliance with these policies.

  • Protection against cyber threats: A backup solution can help protect against cyber threats, such as ransomware, that may attempt to encrypt or destroy data.

Overall, having a 365 backup solution is an important part of an organization's data protection strategy, providing an additional layer of protection against data loss incidents.

Managed backup

ensure the safe and secure backup of your data.

KCS takes responsibility for creating and managing backup schedules, monitoring backups, and ensuring data recovery in the event of a disaster or data loss.

Our backup services typically include the following features:

  • Automated backups

  • Secure storage: The backed-up data is stored in secure data centre that are protected against physical and virtual threats

  • Data recovery: In the event of data loss, we ensures that data can be quickly and easily restored from backups.

  • Monitoring and reporting: The provider monitors backup activity and generates regular reports to ensure that backups are running smoothly.

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