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Dell Precision Laptop at a Great Price

Just in at the crazy price of £850+vat!, Dells price £1200+vat

Intel i7 1255u 10 Core Processor

16GB DDR5 4800 Memory

512GB M.2 NVMe SSD Hard Drive

15.6" HD LCD Panel Non Touch Anti Glare LCD

Web Camera

Nvidia T550 4GB Video Card


Windows 11 Professional

3 Years Dell Pro Support 247 Warranty

Limited Availability

The Dell Precision laptop is a series of high-end mobile workstations designed for professionals who require powerful computing performance and reliability. These laptops are built with premium components and optimized for running intensive applications such as 3D modeling, CAD, and video editing.

Overall, the Dell Precision laptop is a powerful and reliable mobile workstation designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals who require high-performance computing for their work.

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