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Do you remember Akira?

Well this Akira Ransomware is not as entertaining

Akira is a fresh ransomware hitting enterprises globally since March 2023, having already published in April the data of nine companies across different sectors like education, finance, and manufacturing. When executed, the ransomware deletes Windows Shadow Volume Copies, encrypts files with specific extensions, and appends the .akira extension to the encrypted files.

Like most ransomware gangs these days, the Akira gang steals corporate data before encrypting files for the purposes of double-extortion. So far, the leaked info published on their leak site—which looks retro and lets you navigate with typed commands—ranges from 5.9 GB to a whopping 259 GB.

Akira demands ransoms from $200,000 to millions of dollars, and it seems they are willing to lower ransom demands for companies that only want to prevent the leaking of stolen data without needing a decryptor.

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